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Written by: T. Michael RiddleFor Immediate Release - 02/04/10

Children who play outdoors seem to be less likely than their peers to develop nearsightedness. They're also somewhat better in classroom preparedness, have longer attention spans, decreased aggression, and lowered levels of stress and depression.

So says The National Wildlife Federation

Now pardon me but has not yours truly here been making similar statements ever since the year 1990 when I first discovered the actual clinical term: WILDERNESS DEPRIVATION DISORDER.

Ever since I had read an article in J.A.M.A. about studies being done on inner city youth, and how it was discovered that due to the fact that these city dwellers, who for no apparent reason all suffered from some degrees of depression, anxiety, unexplained bouts of anger, and attention deficit disorder. And after the studies were completed it was found that all of these disorders were greatly reduced, and in some cases were eliminated completely by introducing these children (patients) into the woods and nature, I have been a very strong proponent for getting our nations youth back to nature and into the wild.

In fact I had written an article for Boar Hunter Magazine a few years back titled: YOUTH GONE WILD that addressed these very same issues which now sit before you!

The Humane Society Of The United States actually promotes NON interaction with nature, citing that nature is better off left alone and not interfered with through human contact. Animal Rights Groups like H.S.U.S. better get with the times and start understanding that todays youth NEED this interaction with nature and that this can be achieved through activity's such as: Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Animal Tracking Classes, Sport Shooting Events, Back Packing and also by just simply taking a walk in your local park!

Now, there have been some issues of which The National Wildlife Federation and I did not agree, but this is one in which I think that we can all agree upon so please click on over there to the N.W.F. site and show your support by signing up for their newsletter and petition, you will be glad that you did!